I hate running club- week two

So week two of running. Do I still hate it? Yes. Am I getting better? No.

I am currently on week two of the couch to 5k app. This week is a 90 second run followed by a 2 minute walk, repeated 6 times. I’m starting to notice a pattern. The first run feels great, I’ve run further than I had the previous week and run for longer. Then comes the second run of the week and I feel like I’m dying. The second run is definitely the hardest for me. Then the third run I am just so motivated to have it over and done with!

I am still running outdoors, trying to avoid hills at all costs. With the pollen count slowly increasing I am noticing that I am finding it more difficult to breathe. I am keeping my inhaler close for my runs just in case!

My playlist for my runs is currently my ABBA playlist. I find you feel less like you’re dying whilst singing dancing queens, plus it helps me remember to breathe more.

I bought new trainers which are bouncier than my previous ones which I find is helping to support my feet while I run. Other than that I have nothing to update you on. So for now goodbye and I shall update you again at the end of week three!

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