I started running….

Anyone who knows me will know that I only run for two things; my dog and the ice cream van. As part of my challenge to turn my fitness into something that isn’t purely aesthetics focused I decided I would tackle a 5k run. I’m not aiming for a competitive run but just to be able to run that distance is my challenge.

If you live in the UK you will probably be familiar with an initiative run by the NHS called couch to 5k. This program is a nine week program consisting of three runs a week. Each week the runs get progressively harder with a longer run to walk ratio. This initiative was brought about to encourage thirty minutes of exercise into sedentary lifestyles but is also a great tool for anyone who wants to begin that running journey. Its as simple as going on the app store and downloading the app. Then simply lace up your trainers and run.

I have just completed the first week of this program. Honestly I have a love hate relationship with it. I hate running, I am 100% part of the I the running club but this is somewhat bearable. I have to literally write the three runs into my weekly schedule and tell people what days I am running otherwise I talk myself out of it. I really don’t want to do it. Every single time I sit there and doubt myself and talk myself out of it. Yet everytime I get a grip and do it. Afterwards, while I sit looking like a sweaty tomato, I feel great. I feel like I have achieved something.

My lungs hate me for the rest of the day and I feel tight chested but nothing a puff on an inhaler can’t help (asthma problems). I have achy ankles and my hip flexors have never felt so tight in my whole life. It is challenging me though, in ways I wouldn’t have thought of. I have adapted some of my gym sessions to help support my running, working on proprioceptive and hip flexor strength. Its been a nice change to switch everything up.

I’ve decided to document every week on here as part of my running diaries. Maybe it will help inspire some of you to set yourself non aesthetic based goals. Or even inspire you to start running. So for now I will keep on running and check in with you again next week.

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