Leg Day Baby

Legs are my second favourite body part to train (shoulders is first). My leg days at the minute however are wooo killer. I thought it would be mean of me to keep this to myself so here I am. Your glutes will thank me.

I walk to the gym which is 15 minutes. If you don’t, cycle or walk for 15 mins.

Activation work; I’m currently using a GraceFitUK band in heavy for my activation work. Glute bridges; 3×20 Banded abductions 3×30 Banded crab walks 5×10 each way.

The main body of my workout is squat based. I start with a warm up set with just the bar for 20 reps. Next I put my 5-7 rep weight on the bar. I superset this with 20 banded bodyweight squats. Then repeat this for 5 sets.

Banded hip thrusts are next. 5×12 using the band to focus on keep the knees out and therefore engaging the glutes. I always make sure I really scoop up with my tailbone to really get a good glute burn.

After this I move onto Romanian deadlifts. I prefer to use dumbbells for this to really allow a decent stretch through my hamstrings. I do 5×12 on this movement.

Next we move on to Bulgarian split squats. With this movement I either add a weight and make it slow and controlled. Or I add a hop to make it powerful and explosive. Either way I do 3×10 on each leg.

Finally I finish off with single leg, leg extension. I am really focusing on single leg work for my quads recently to help with the imbalance between the two. I do 5×10 on each leg for this move.

I hope you enjoy an insight to my training and let me know if you try my leg workout!

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