Healthy eating….a problem?

I am very involved in the world of fitness. I follow a lot of people on similar journeys as I on both twitter and Instagram. Now this is an amazing network of people who will support and encourage each other. However there are times when I question whether this community encourages unhealthy behaviour.

Now I was having my morning scroll through twitter and I came across a tweet from an individual complaining about putting on 3lbs over Christmas. Now you might think this is normal to complain about some weight gain. However this individual in question happened to be 6 months pregnant. I know I shouldn’t judge but in the days after she mentioned this, she spoke about doing excessive cardio to try and lose this weight. I just feel like this is incredibly unhealthy. She posted a couple days later that she was down 4lb and she was encouraged by those who followed her. I’m no doctor but I’m pretty sure weight loss during pregnancy isn’t encouraged.

I understand that it is each to their own but in my mind this seems unhealthy. Weight gain in pregnancy is completely normal. On average women gain between 5-7kgs during their pregnancy. Taking into consideration that includes the baby, amniotic fluid, increased blood volume. The fat gain is a minor thing to consider when growing a human

Then carrying on with some shocking behaviour is that of people the day after Christmas fasting or juicing to get rid of all the bloat and “sin” from their Christmas dinner. If you were anything like me boxing day was spent having a second Christmas dinner. I know that some people really struggle with food guilt but I feel social media portrays this bounce back quickly idea. A day of bad eating needs to be corrected by eating clean and training hard for the next few days. Now while training hard and eating to fuel your body should be encouraged, this demonising of enjoying food and family time should not.

I feel like due to social media has brought this new age of complete control over people. They see photos of people with abs all year round and feel pressured into maintaining this themselves. Go through any magazine or insta feed and you will see pictures of celebs with toned stomachs and massive butts probably promoting some slim belly tea and a ridiculous diet so that you too can look like them. This diet culture has become the norm, a multimillion pound industry. We need to bring forward an age of eating to feel good. For training for your wellbeing. We need to bring forward an age of power and strength. Rather than promoting unhealthy behaviours. Lets work on changing this culture and the way we all think.

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