My Christmas Goals

Christmas is officially only a month away and I seriously can’t believe that the year is nearly over. So much has happened this year and its certainly gone by in the blink of an eye.

Even though it’s the end of the year I am more determined than ever to set myself those last few goals to smash out before I welcome in 2019. Some of my goals are fitness, some are mental and some will benefit the world around us. 

My first goal is to hit three new PBs. Not one, not two…..yes you heard me. Three! For the past few months post injury, getting my strength back up has been my priority. I’m very close to hitting my new PB’s but over the next month a half I’m determined to really push myself that little bit further to finally hit those numbers! In the new year the goal will be to maintain those numbers whilst dropping a little bit of body fat. There will be a blog post on that in the new year so do stick around for that.

My next goal is to start journaling again. This is by far my busiest time of year and I really need to organise my time. I have deadlines and exams to plan for. There’s quite a few birthdays in the next couple months. I’m learning sign language so need to fit my classes for that in as well as keeping on top of my blog. Team this with going to uni, working, fitting in the gym, a social life and sleep, you can probably tell that my life is hectic. In the past I have found journaling a great way to keep on top of all my to do lists plus a great way to leave behind my worries of the day. This should help me destress and hopefully sleep better!

Water is up there on my goals list. During summer I drank water like it was going out of fashion. But now that the weather has got cold I just don’t want it. At all. I am maybe drinking a litre of water at the most daily and I know that is not enough. I’ve stocked up on sugar free squash as well as flavoured water as I am hoping that this encourages me to drink more. With the amount of exercise I do my target is three litres minimum per day. So we shall see how this goes. If anyone has any tips on how to drink more water it would be much appreciated. 

Finally my last goal is to try cut down on my plastic usage! I am quite bad for collecting too many travel mugs then not taking them out with me when I nip out for coffee. I certainly want to start carrying one in all my bags so that I always have one on me. This way I am still enjoying my coffee (may or may not be a slight addict) and I am doing a little bit for the environment. 

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