Staying healthy in an office

II recently started an office job. I officially feel like an adult. What I have realised so far is three things; no one knows what they’re doing, coffee runs like a river and there is forever an endless amount of free food.

This constant stream of free food is definitely a struggle for me as I am someone who will mindlessly snack when they are bored. I try and stick to the snacks I bring  but when someone brings in a massive bag of sweets and dumps them on your desk you just can’t help it.

So I’ve devised a few tips on how to try and stay as healthy as possible while working in an office.

First things first. Coffee. The coffee machine is so nicely positioned in my office and I love watching what people drink. Many choose coffee with a high milk content and then add sugar. This can easily rack up 200 calories or more. Some of these people will have three or four of these a day. Very quickly you’re consuming nearly half your daily calories just in four coffees! I personally enjoy black coffee which is less calories. I use a flavour drops from MyProtein to flavour my coffee. White chocolate flavour is by far my favourite. These are calorie free and taste amazing as well as helping ease my sweet tooth.

My next tip is always have a bottle of water at your desk. I see some people who never drink water and then spend the day complaining they have a headache. Hydration is so important for optimal brain function which if you’re working all day you definitely need. Now drinking all that water will make you need the toilet a lot more than normal. Now this isn’t necessarily a hindrance if you’re trying to stay healthy. For starters you’re getting steps in having to go to the toilet all the time. Secondly do ten squats either before or after you’ve been to the toilet. If you go six times while at work you’ve done 60 squats before you even know it. Yes the person in the cubical next door might think you’re a bit weird but who cares. The more you move the more calories you burn.

My last tip is to bring your own lunch and snacks. I find I eat so much better if the healthy food is sat right there on my desk. In my desk drawer I have dried fruit, almonds and crackers. Which I will snack on through the day. Generally I try to pack a high protein breakfast with some fruit. Lunch tends to be higher in carbs as this is when I am most hungry and more likely to binge on junk. Then I always pack an afternoon snack. This ranges from protein bars to chopped veggies. Just something to keep me occupied while I’m sat bored at my desk.

Got any other tips?

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