Post holiday fitness

I’m currently between holidays. I’ve just come back from an all inclusive holiday. Only to be getting ready to go to my boyfriends family villa in two weeks time.

For the first time in my life I felt confident in my bikini. I am no where near the leanest I have

So my priority for these next two weeks is just to fit workouts in when I can. I ate like utter shit last week, I had ice cream at least two times a day and god knows how much alcohol. Yet now I’m back I’m not upping my cardio or cutting my carbs.

I got back and my main priority is my water and veg intakes. So far this week I have had my 10 fruits and veg a day as well as 3 litres of water everyday. I haven’t worked out everyday and I haven’t done any cardio whatsoever. Just lifting.

It feels nice to not feel like I need to burn off everything I just ate on my holiday. This is the least stressed I have felt coming back off holiday in years. I sat and looked at my body and realised that I was just as lean (if not more so) than when I left. That’s a pretty good feeling. It was energising knowing that all my hard work had paid off prior meaning I could enjoy myself on this holiday.

My goal for next week is to try and hit my step goal each day. This week I have felt swamped with work and have been lucky if I hit 5000 steps each day. So next week I want to try and move my body more through non-exercise activity thermogenesis. Essentially the amount of calories burned through non planned workouts aka walking and step goals. So during my workouts next week I’ll be walking on the treadmill for ten minutes pre-workout and ten minutes post workout. Then on top of that I aim to get walks in during my lunch breaks and just generally take the dog on longer walks. This way my activity level and calorie burn goes up without actually putting too much pressure on myself.

I find if I rush into it I fall off the bandwagon within a week  So slow and steady shall do for now


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