My summer goals

I have many goals that I want to achieve over the summer. I aim to try and make sure that my goals help me become a more well rounded person in the long run.

My first goal is to be more consistent in the gym. My progress in the gym has been very start stop and it has meant both my strength and my physique has hardly improved. I have written myself a gym plan that focuses on improving my overall strength whilst incorporating some conditioning to improve cardiovascular endurance. alongside this I need to be more consistent in my eating. Making sure that I am eating a wide range of veg and lean proteins. That doesn’t mean however, that I will be avoiding all junk food, I plan on enjoying myself out with my friends but I am choosing to eat it in moderation. Rather than completely restrict myself and then spend the day binge eating.

Secondly I aim to spend more time away from my phone. I realised that I spend way too much time on my phone. I want to try and make sure that the first hour of my day is phone free and then try to spend as little time as possible at the weekend on my phone. I find being on my phone for long periods of time can really lower my mood. This is just not something I need. More phone free time will help me spend more time with my family and friends so I hope that I can spend more time in the moment.

I want to travel more this summer. Not just around the world but around my local area. I want to see more of the hills and lakes around me. Enjoy the wonderful countryside I am surrounded by. I have also got two holidays booked this year which I am so excited for. Chill time away from home and work is so relaxing to me.

Finally I want to focus on my meditation more. I am in a very stressful period right now, and my mind-set is struggling because of it. Meditation really helps me clear my mind and is like a mental reset for me. I already listen to a guided mediation to help me sleep but I would like to start spending ten to fifteen minutes meditating during the day.


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