I hate running week four

Week four had me in a much better mindset. I was more motivated to go out and really push myself to make some improvements this week. I think the nice weather really helped influence this. The layout for this weeks runs were; 3 min run, 90 sec walk, 5 min run, 2.5 min walk, 3 min run, 90 sec walk, 5 min run. This week … Continue reading I hate running week four

New Year new me?

I hear this phrase without a doubt every single year. Why is new year such a big deal? It’s just another day in the calendar. Another day to go about your life. I personally felt more motivated back in December to achieve my fitness goals than I do now, but whatever motivates people so be it! The only benefit of the new year is the … Continue reading New Year new me?

Healthy eating….a problem?

I am very involved in the world of fitness. I follow a lot of people on similar journeys as I on both twitter and Instagram. Now this is an amazing network of people who will support and encourage each other. However there are times when I question whether this community encourages unhealthy behaviour. Now I was having my morning scroll through twitter and I came … Continue reading Healthy eating….a problem?